Ferreira Café Team Portuguese
Carlos Ferreira
Marino Tavares
João Dias
It's no mystery why the Ferreira Café quickly gained a reputation as one of the city's best restaurants: a visionary owner, an inspired chef, high-quality products and a skilled, devoted team. Montreal's Ferreira Café has put Portuguese food firmly in the limelight.

Ferreira Café Team Portuguese

Carlos Ferreira was born in Estarreja, Portugal, a small resort town near the Aveiro lagoon, often called “The Venice of Portugal” for its canals, tidal marshes, beaches, and lagoons.

Carlos, at age 19, and his brother Julio, came to Quebec to lay the foundations of a new life for the Ferreira family. Since then, he has had one heartfelt wish – to build awareness of his homeland’s history, traditions, architecture, culture, literature, art, and, of course, its food.

“Portugal is where the earth ends and the sea begins.”

This quote by the great poet Luis Vaz de Camôes, has always inspired Carlos.

Carlos’ wish has been granted with the Ferreira Café: his country’s cuisine has a new legion of fans.

Ferreira Café Team Portuguese

“Great food means joy in every bite.”

Portugal native João Dias recently joined the Ferreira Café team as chef. João has madeover the classics that have cemented the restaurant’s reputation for the last 18 years to create a Portuguese menu that remains fresh and authentic, but with a modern touch. João works closely with executive chef Marino Tavares, who shares his passion for the quality, fresh ingredients that are at the basis of all great cooking. Marino is the proud creator of the Ferreira approach, the skillful preparation of his dishes is the epitome of elegance, joy, and perfection.

Ferreira Café Team Portuguese

Vasco da Gama, just a few doors north on Peel Street, was a direct product of the Ferreira Café’s success, offering a counter filled with simple, high-quality dishes, a catering service, and a high-end grocer. As for the Ferreira Group’s newest addition, Taverne F invites you to discover petiscos, small dishes to share with typically Portuguese flavours and aromas, in a relaxed yet modern setting.

Our entire team works together every day to make Ferreira a success:

Victor Dias: Director, Dining room
Paulo Ferreira: Sommelier
Olivia Ferreira: General Manager
Cristina Garcia: Director, Private Room
Stella Marques: Reservations
Maria Ferreira: Accounting Services
Carlos Ribeiro: Pastry Chef


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